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All 16 episodes from Season 1 of the animated adventure series in which the struggle for supremacy of the Earth continues against the evil Decepticons.

Episodes are:

  1. More Than Meets the Eye (1)
  2. More Than Meets the Eye (2)
  3. More Than Meets the Eye (3)
  4. Transport to Oblivion
  5. Roll For It’
  6. Divide and Conquer
  7. Fire in the Sky
  8. S.O.S. Dinobots
  9. Fire on the Mountain
  10. War of the Dinobots
  11. The Ultimate Doom: 1 Brainwash
  12. The Ultimate Doom: 2 Search
  13. The Ultimate Doom: 3 Revival
  14. Countdown to Extinction
  15. A Plague of Insecticons
  16. Heavy Metal War

Extra features:

Intervieuws with Flint Dille, Earl Kress, Buzz Dixon and David Wise, Transformerscon 2004 Documentary, Transformers Public Service Announcements, Historic trailers, Transformers Wallpaper, Screensaver, Season 2 Animation Mistakes with Commentary, Episode Scripts for Season 1, Season 2 Part 1 Scripts (Episodes 16-39), Quiz, Character profiles, Easter Egg.


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